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Flight trainng Pueblo Learn to fly

Learn to fly


Learn to Fly Checklist
The process of learning to fly can seem overwhelming at first. But you can do it! The flight instructors at Sporty’s have developed a checklist that I believe really helps:

  • Locate flight schools in your area and take a tour

  • Choose a school that best fits your needs

  • Choose an instructor and get to know him or her

  • Take a first flight lesson

  • Decide whether you’ll pursue the Sport, Recreational or Private Certificate

  • Schedule an FAA medical exam with a local AME

  • Pass your FAA Knowledge Test

  • Pass your FAA Flight Test and earn your license

  • Have fun!

Flight school learn to fly


Southern Colorado Flight Professionals LLC Specializes in flight training from beginners to advanced certificates. 

Aircraft Rental


Southern Colorado Flight Professionals uses a Piper Cherokee 180 for primary flight instruction. A lot of people looking to learn how to fly picture a high wing Cessna when they think about a training aircraft. The Cessna is a great aircraft for learning how to fly, but the Cherokee offers the same performance, along with a better view of the sky with no wing over your head to get in the way of the view. Consuming 10 gallons of fuel per hour, at 120mph and IFR certified, it will get you anywhere you need to go at an economical price. Wet or dry rent options. Block time is available.

Aircraft Rental
Cherokee aircraft rental

About the airplane

Data from Piper Aircraft Owner's Handbook

General characteristics


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Southern Colorado Flight Professionals

Southern Colorado Flight Professionals provides access to flight instruction and aircraft rental in the Southern Colorado area. The hangar and aircraft are based at the Pueblo Municipal Airport just a short drive from town.

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